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Welcome to my site. I have been taking pure organic sulfur to help me in my fight against shingles and other issues like CFS and weak ankles from an accident​. I find it detoxes me and helps me with fighting inflammation and pain.  I am a health and weight loss coach so feeling and looking good is important in this field  I have noticed a lot more energy and I am less hungry.

Here is my story: 

I was on tons of supplements before starting to take organic pure sulfur crystals, it only took about a week or so for me to notice improvements even though. Before OS (organic sulfur) I was on many supplements, at least 10 top shelf, and nothing came close to the results I saw and felt after that week on Pure Organic Sulfur 

How does a health coach get shingles, well I was exposed to mold and believe that triggered the shingles. I was told about this amazing mineral, that our bodies need and though I was on many supplements and anti-virals supplements so why do I need to add one more. Well I found out fast. I will never stop taking pure organic sulfur and my family and pets get their pure OS in also  My customers have told me they noticed results from their first intake to a few days depending on what their needs and condition of their health. 

The Organic Sulfur is pure 99.5 to 99.9% the rest is water. There are many companies selling sulfur but after my research, I wanted to have and sell the pure crystal form. It is live and can be tested. It has not be crushed to a powder and hence made less effective. Many companies add fillers and anti-caking agents are used to ensure the equipment is not damaged. That is good for them but not us. Not the case with my crystals. Don't buy cheaper OS/MSM. We both deserve the best. I have good prices too. I have seen this exact product sold by others for $45 to as much as $55 a lb./jar. You will save money by ordering with me.

Please see contact page for contact info and we can discuss your ordering the same organic sulfur that I used when I was so sick.